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Will your clinical trials deliver the leverage you need with payers?

The quality of the clinical evidence will forever be the cornerstone of every payer engagement. Poor integration of payer insights into clinical trial design can result in major commercial regrets and often does.

Some biopharma manufacturers fall so deeply in love with their clinical trials they fail to plan for payers to see it any differently. This is usually explained by a contrast between statistical significance (the focus of many manufacturers) and clinical significance (the focus of many payers).

To dramatically increase the odds payers will share your positive views of the evidence, incorporate the payer perspective before you design the clinical trials they will later judge.

The image contains some of the questions payers ask about a drug’s clinical trials. When you learn their answers, you’ll have the insights you need to ensure your clinical trials position you just as well for market access as they do regulatory approval. Contact us for a ppt or pdf version.

We get it. You need market access research you can trust. That’s why we built a better way.

Contact Formulary Insights today.

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