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Formulary Insights solves the fundamental triple-threat to formulary decision maker market research so you can get better access

Key decision makers are largely inaccessible


Pharma’s direct interactions with payers are closely regulated

Most payers forbid employees from consulting with manufacturers

A third party is required to conduct payer interviews
Current payer research is a risky compromise


Retiree-laden focus groups are commonplace

Non-essential payer employees are routinely included

National strategies hinge on the opinions of 5-6 panelists
Crucial strategies are grossly misinformed


Product claims are insufficiently tested

Contract strategies are misinformed

Opportunities for competitive intelligence are missed
Partnership opportunities go unseen

We only provide you with insights from
real decision makers

No retirees,
no loose affiliations,
no misrepresentations 

We created Formulary Insights to help biopharmaceutical investors, marketers, and leaders better understand and anticipate payer and specialty pharmacy perceptions of every therapeutic area.

When you see the deliverable, you fully appreciate the unique advantages of the Formulary Insights panel. 
Formulary Insights guarantees the most authentic and reliable payer insights available.

Are you ready to ask all your questions to current market access decision makers?

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