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Primary Payer Market Research

The Formulary Insights Suite of Products Harvests Unbiased Insights to Inform Access Strategies.
Organizing Data
Investment Chart


Get answers in days not months, ensuring your team is always leveraging current insights

FIRST is your read-and-react capability for continuous monitoring of the US market


Manufacturers strategies are only as good as the customer insights they are built upon


Insights can become outdated and many of the most compelling market events cannot be foreseen


A reserve of smaller market access research studies your team can deploy and complete in days not months

Experts Panel


Your opportunity for exhaustive research on key areas of interest

A single-study deep-dive to ensure a complete understanding of payer interests and impressions


Payer insights should only come from actual market access decision makers at major plans and PBMs


Payer research typically relies on the opinions of retirees and self-identified (but loosely affiliated) “experts”


A comprehensive deep-dive into specific areas of interest with the single best US payer panel available today



Research designed by Formulary Insights on topics of high interest

All the benefits of our Direct Inquiry studies without the compliance requirements of developing your own


Recurring payer research developed and executed by Formulary Insights can provide more value to our clients


Standard research can be limited by a lack of long-term perspective as well as compliance sensitivies


Recurring research by Formulary Insights on topics of high interest to multiple manufacturers

Pre-launch Study Evaluations gave us the insights that informed Phase 3 study design in time for us to include critical payer endpoints.
With a second indication on the horizon, a therapeutic class Drug Monograph Analysis revealed several unexpected perspectives that we leveraged to protect access.
Pre-launch competitive Label Comparison enabled us to prioritize our label negotiations to ensure our payer value was well represented at launch.
When we launched our small KAM team, we targeted Hospital System panelists to garner system-specific product insights that drove segmentation and prioritization of KAM targeting.
We bought a Rapid Survey subscription so that we can put out fires quickly based on feedback from our panelists whenever we need it!
A Formulary Insights Direct Inquiry provided us with the payer insights we needed to make a go or no-go decision on several planned product strategies, based on their expected access impact, quickly enhancing our product access and performance.
Formulary Insights guarantees the most authentic and reliable payer insights available.

Are you ready to ask all your questions to current market access decision makers?

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