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ICER References


  1. Issue Brief: Problems With The Institute of Clinical and Economic Review (ICER) and the QALY Methodology,conclusions%20about%20certain%20drug%20therapies

  2. ICER 101: How the 'drug pricing watchdog' is changing how we perceive value

  3. Value in Health – Does the Institute for Clinical and Economic Review Revise Its Findings in Response to Industry Comments?


  4. ​Innovations in Pharmacy/Formulary Evaluations – Nonsense on Stilts – Part 1: The ICER 2020-2023 Value Assessment Framework for Constructing Imaginary Worlds (commentary)


  5. NPC Public Comments on ICER 2020 Value Assessment Framework


  6. What's A Cure Worth? ICER Publishes Value Assessment Framework For Curative Therapies

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