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3 Reasons US Payers Will Make 2021 a Banner Year for Biosimilars

We recently aggregated the insights of P&T participants from 20 national and regional US payers. The study aimed to assess the attitudes and intentions of payer stakeholders responsible for bending the notoriously stubborn pharmacy cost curve. While we are putting the finishing touches on our research, the data is clear: biosimilar adoption has finally achieved escape velocity.


According to the recent Amgen Biosimilars Trends Report, biosimilars have finally begun to flourish in the US, citing an incredible 143% increase in launched biosimilars in just the last year. The count of US biosimilars launched in the US now stands at 18 in just three drug classes: TNFs, Oncology and Supportive Care. The manufacturers of these 18 biosimilars are seeking to replace seven innovator “branded” drugs, making their billions of dollars in annual sales vulnerable. These potential losses, of course, also reflect potential savings to others, summoning the full attention and resources of payers.


Here are three reasons payers will drive further biosimilar adoption in 2021:  Click HERE to continue reading on

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